13 Fishing Concept Z Baitcasting Reel Review

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Quick Overview






  • Zero bearing eliminates ball bearing failure
  • 6-way centrifugal braking system improves the feeding rate
  • High-density aluminum frame for strength and stability
  • Arrow-head line guide system automatically levels the spool


  • One-color design
  • Noise on casts
  • Whirring sound when casting

As an angler, the thing you want most is a smooth spinning reel that consistently delivers excellent performance. Nothing can be more disturbing than feeling the reel bind due to saltwater corrosion. For a baitcasting reel that is designed to stand the test of time, this 13 Fishing Concept Z review should help you determine if this reel is ideal for you.

13 FISHING Concept Z Low Profile Bait Casting Reel

13 Fishing Concept Z was designed from the ground up and is specifically intended for inshore fishing. It allows you to do the kind of fishing that includes wading, kayaking, and splashing around in your bay boat.

The reel came as a solution to one of the significant challenges that anglers face. This has to do with how to keep the reels running smooth. The reel also deals with the issue of corrosion in a way that other brands don’t.

It replaces the traditional stainless steel ball bearings with proprietary CBZ made from a polymer material. The weight of the reel is therefore significantly reduced as the heavy steel bearings aren't present. The reel also eliminates the issue that pertains to durability.

The performance of the reel in casting is incredible since there are no balls in the bearings to cause friction.

Who is This Reel Meant For?

The design and features of the 13Fishing reel are best suited for anglers who want to do more than just fish. Its versatility is such that it can be used for other sea activities like kayaking and wading. If you’re not into regular greasing of a baitcasting reel, this is the best choice for you.

Since it is designed to resist corrosion, it can withstand both saltwater and freshwater fishing environments. You can use it for a long time without the need to disassemble it for cleaning and oiling. This is unless you want to follow its maintenance practice regularly.

Unboxing the 13 Fishing Concept Z Baitcasting Reel

In its name, Z stands for Zero, which implies that the reel comes with no traditional balls. However, the equipment is a lot more than just bright colors and a replacement for bearings. The 13 Fishing reel was designed from the saltwater side where the makers were trying to solve the issues of reduced gearing and drag power.

It was intended to be able to handle pressure and withstand corrosive elements in water. The result was a long casting reel designed with polymer technology to resist corrosion and perform exceptionally well in casting.

The design utilizes an exclusive space-age polymer that eliminates the need for traditional ball bearings. The reel sets a new standard in dependability as it stamps out squeaking that is bound to occur with most other reels.


As an improvement invention, the 13 Fishing reel has some desirable characteristics that make it outstanding.

CZB Bearing Technology

The Concept Zero bearing technology is based on CBZ polymer material specific for fishing reels. The material doesn't unclude any elements that have been repurposed. This gives the reel its outstanding qualities.

Aluminum Frame and Gear Sideplate

The frame and side plates are made from aluminum, which is exceptionally lightweight yet durable. It can also withstand the elements and handle large fish.

Saltwater Protection

Concept Z technology serves to offer saltwater protection hence keeping the gear in good condition. However, it’s recommended to rinse the reel in freshwater when done for the day.

How to Set Up 13 FISHING Concept Z Baitcasting Reel

Ensuring the components of your reel are well assembled is the first step towards having an exciting fishing experience. Tie the line on the spool firmly and make two steady knots. Then reel the line onto the spool.

Clinch the line between your thumb and index finger to create tension. This ensures it doesn’t become tangled. Ensure you don’t overfill the spool with line as this will lead to backlash.


A closely similar baitcasting reel is the 13 Fishing Concept A Reel. It costs slightly less than the 13 Fishing Z but performs equally well.

The difference between the two types lies in the bearing concept. The 13 Fishing Concept A comes with traditional anti-corrosion stainless steel ball bearings. The 13 Fishing Concept Z has no ball bearings.

The reel has a whopping 30lbs of drag, which makes it suitable for larger species. Just like its Z counterpart, the reel is also designed for saltwater as it comes with anti-corrosion properties.


The 13 Fishing Concept Z reel doesn't come with the best free spool action. However, during the cast, it won't disappoint as it goes the full distance. The reel performs pretty well for the casting of heavier lures as well as lightweight, soft plastic.

The downside of the reel is that it produces a whirring sound. It becomes progressively louder within the first 20 hours of use. The reel doesn’t require much maintenance as a small amount of lubricant is enough to keep it functioning.

The Concept Z is a solid choice for anyone who is targeting inshore species that tend to be heavier. We hope this 13 Fishing Concept Z review guides you in making a sound decision.

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