Abu Garcia Revo S Baitcasting Reel Review

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Quick Overview






  • Ease of use for both newbies and seasoned users
  • Sleek design that's easy to handle
  • Lightweight design for extended use
  • Good performance
  • Good value for money


  • The eye hole of the line makes casting difficult
  • Not suitable for saltwater environments

Have you ever purchased a product and after using it you wanted to tell everyone how great it was? Some products come into the market and perform beyond expectations. You can’t help but wonder where they were before.

Such is the Abu Garcia Revo S Baitcasting reel. When Abu Garcia launched the Revo reel a few years ago, it instantly caught the attention of many anglers. It represented a much-needed change in baitcasters.

In this Abu Garcia Revo S baitcasting reel review, you'll learn more about the reel for better decision making.

Abu Garcia Revo S Baitcasting Reel

The Abu Garcia Revo S reel features a sleek and low profile design with advanced features. As an entry-level baitcaster, it has an eye-catching appearance that puts it in the middle of stiff competition. The competition is mainly in the price sector, playing in the same segment as Shimano Citica.

The reel feels comfortable in your hands as the compact, bent handle and star provide an ergonomic grip. The reel is extremely smooth in operation. It comes with an 8-bearing system that utilizes stainless steel balls for outstanding performance in casting.

Revo comes with a centrifugal braking system that doesn’t require a manual to use. After adjusting the components and lubricating them the right way, you can go the full distance by tuning all three pitch brakes.

The carbon drag is very smooth to operate and can be further enhanced by pairing it with the right rod. The reel is designed to provide increased efficiency while enhancing its durability.

Who is This Reel Meant For?

The Revos S reel is lightweight and easy to control. This makes it ideal for use by beginner anglers. As an improvement from previous Abu Garcia brands, it comes with high-end features that are best suited for experienced anglers.

However, unlike other reels that offer versatility, the Revo S is only suitable for freshwater environments.

Unboxing the Abu Garcia Revo S Baitcasting Reel

The Abu Garcia Revo S reel comes combined with the best engineering and performance. The high-quality reel features an IM-C6 carbon body design that allows for seamless operation. The exceptional gear alignment in the X-Craftic gearbox ensures you don’t miss your catch.

The Revo S delivers accurate casting based on its Rocket Spool Lip Design. The slow oscillation and Everlast bail system allow for an even line lay.

The real also features a Rocket Line Management system that gives you exceptional control. Regardless of the quality of your fishing line, you’ll be able to catch your target fish no matter how hard it fights.

The carbon matrix drag system provides smooth drag and lowers your fatigue levels. The Everlast bail system, corrosion-resistant stainless steel shaft, and HPRC bearings make it a must-have weapon in an angler’s arsenal.


The Revo S is a favorite among many anglers for its outstanding characteristics.

Durable Construction

In addition to being lightweight, the Revo also has a very attractive design. The materials included make it a durable reel for freshwater fishing. Weighing only 8.4 ounces, the reel performs like most other high-end reels.

The Insert-molded C6 carbon body design doesn’t bend, shift, rattle, or click under pressure. Regardless of your skill level in angling, this reel won’t disappoint.

Excellent Drag System

The carbon matric drag system delivers smooth performance with a drag capacity of 20 pounds. The bearings are corrosion resistant and can withstand a variety of conditions.


Most spinning reels are highly line-selective. The Revo S is compatible with any line. The machined aluminum spool allows you to use PVC, braid, monofilament, or fluorocarbon lines without issues.

Ergonomic Handle

The reel offers the best ergonomics for improved comfort and reduced fatigue. Its lightweight is attributed to the IM-C6 body and graphite rotor. The large PVC knobs ensure a firm and comfortable grip.

How to Set Up Abu Garcia Revo S Baitcasting Reel

The Revo S baitcasting reel can be used with a variety of lines. The reel comes assembled, but before you cast it out, check to see that the brake system and spool tension are in their right settings. If these two are not well done, the line will lag as you cast, leading to a backlash.


A closely similar well-performing reel is the Abu Barcia Black MAX Low Profile Reel. It is also lightweight, made from a one-piece graphite frame and side plates. The gearing system comes with four stainless steel ball bearings. It also boasts high accuracy as you cast.

The Bmax reel also features a power disk system and a compact bent handle. The recessed reel provides an ergonomic grip that provides you with proper control of the equipment. Its affordable price is much lower than that of its Revo S counterpart.


The Abu Garcia Revo S Baitcasting Reel is one of the best among the latest inventions. Its design and features allow you to have it easy while casting. The accuracy of the gears is such that you’ll never miss your target no matter how heavy.

Although a little pricey, the reel is all an angler could ask for while out in the sea. Just remember not to use it in saltwater environments. We hope you've learned more from this Abu Garcia Revo S baitcasting reel review.

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