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Best Saltwater Baitcaster to Buy in 2020: Our Top Picks

Checking online reviews can help you determine what your best options are within your price point. Unbiased and independent reviews should show you both the good and bad sides of each of your options. In this article, we look into five popular saltwater baitcasting reels, and how well they match the various characteristics of a good baitcaster. Read on to learn more

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Best Baitcasting Reel of 2020 – Complete Reviews with Comparison

A baitcasting reel is one with a revolving spool that sits on a casting rod and has a trigger handle. It is different from a spinning reel, which sits under the spinning rod, with its line guides facing down. Baitcasting reels have both left and right-handed variations because the handles cannot be swapped, like with spinning reels. Once you make the cast, you swap the reel to your left hand and crank the handle with your right hand. The left-handed reel works oppositely.

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Pflueger Supreme XT Baitcasting Reel Review

When looking for a baitcasting reel, you want one that will deliver a great fishing experience. There are a variety of baitcaster reels available, but their performance and maintenance differ. Among the best brands that you’d like to consider having is the Pflueger Supreme Xt baitcasting reel.

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13 Fishing Concept Z Baitcasting Reel Review

As an angler, the thing you want most is a smooth spinning reel that consistently delivers excellent performance. Nothing can be more disturbing than feeling the reel bind due to saltwater corrosion. For a baitcasting reel that is designed to stand the test of time, this 13 Fishing Concept Z review should help you determine if this reel is ideal for you.

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Abu Garcia Revo S Baitcasting Reel Review

Have you ever purchased a product and after using it you wanted to tell everyone how great it was? Some products come into the market and perform beyond expectations. You can’t help but wonder where they were before. Such is the Abu Garcia Revo S Baitcasting reel. When Abu Garcia launched the Revo reel a few years ago, it instantly caught the attention of many anglers. It represented a much-needed change in baitcasters.

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How to Adjust a Baitcaster: A Detailed Guide

When you first acquire your baitcaster, you need to adjust it lest it gives you problems when fishing. Baitcasters can be quite intimidating if not repaired. You’re likely to experience backlashes, which can frustrate your baitcasting experience. Backlashes happen when the spool spins faster than the line comes through the guide. Consequently, the line piles up, overruns itself, and results in a nasty tangle. Once you learn how to adjust a baitcaster, you’ll become more efficient at using it.

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How to Cast a Baitcaster Without Backlash - thereelpro.com

How to Cast a Baitcaster Without Backlash: A Step-by-Step Guide

Using a baitcaster to fish makes the activity more enjoyable. It’s also a demonstration of expertise in the activity. However, sometimes the baitcaster can come with its own mishaps. Among the things that discourage many people from using the equipment is the dreaded backlash. Also known as a bird’s nest, a backlash happens for several reasons. Before delving into how to cast a baitcaster without backlash, here’s a look at what it is.

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How to Clean a Baitcasting Reel: A Step-by-Step Guide

Do your reels squawk and fail to cast your bails as far as they once did? It could be because you’ve not cleaned them in a long while. Reels should be cleaned annually to keep them running properly and extend their lifetime. Despite your level of expertise in fishing, if your baitcasting reel fails you, you’ll suffer in the long run. You can prevent this from happening by taking the necessary steps in cleaning the reels. This guide will provide you with guidance on how to clean a baitcasting reel.

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How to Oil a Baitcasting Reel - thereelpro.com

How to Oil a Baitcasting Reel: Everything That You Need to Know

If you’re at a level where you fish using baitcasters, you know that the tools require maintenance. Baitcasters make fishing easy because they provide efficiency and accuracy. However, one of the maintenance practices that they need is oiling. Failing to lubricate a fishing reel causes the internal gears to grind against each other. It can consequently lead to corrosion, seized reels, and a shorter lifespan of the equipment. The drag washers, sliding mechanisms, and bearings also require regular lubrication.

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